Mr Mine Cheat Codes Handler And Simple Anti Debug Code

Mr Mine Cheat Codes Handler And Simple Anti Debug Code

Mr mine cheat codes handler and simple anti debug code – Mr. Mine is an excellent mining game. You can enjoy it here in your browser, free of charge. Mr. Mine is developed by Playsaurus. This great clicking game is powered by HTML5 technology to run fast in modern browsers. Apart from playing Mr. Mine on the computer, you can also download the Mr. Mine on Android and iOS phones and tablets. Do you like playing Mr. mines?

WARNING: If you read this you will lose all bragging rights on how you bypassed the cheat-e-coin system. You can of course say you didn’t read this, but you’ll know…

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Mr mine cheat codes github script

Mr Mine Cheat Codes Handler And Simple Anti Debug Code

(May crash on some people’s systems, due to security)



{$mode delphi}




{$IFDEF windows}


jwawindows, windows, newkernelhandler, Classes, SysUtils, dialogs, betterControls;


procedure EnableCheatEcoinSystem;


procedure decreaseCheatECoinCount; stdcall;

function getCheatECoinCount: integer;


function checkCoinStatus: integer;





{$IFDEF windows}

uses forms, frmMicrotransactionsUnit, ceregistry, luahandler, mainunit2;



_DecreaseCount: integer;

something: integer;

_GetCount: integer;

c2: pinteger;

c3: pinteger; //last decrease value


mainthreadhandle: THandle;

context: PCONTEXT;

contextmem: pointer;



actualcount: pinteger;


function antidebug1: integer; stdcall; //always returns 0xcececece




Finally , its all about mr mine cheat codes Info Slot Gacor. You can get the cheat code by Github script. First, lets open your github and then paste your code above. Alright, enjoy your game and be success on it. Good luck !