Blooket Cheat Updates, Find For Easy And Simple Here

Blooket Cheat Updates, Find For Easy And Simple Here

Blooket Cheat Updates, Find For Easy And Simple Here – Blooket is one of the most interesting and enjoyable ways for students to learn classroom essentials by playing short games. This website was created by Tom & Ben Stewart as a creative way to learn topics while playing the game. But many students are looking for ways to use hacks and cheats to modify their Blooket game. So here’s how to hack Blooket using GitHub cheat codes. But note that doing this will ban you from the game. But we are making this guide for teachers, so they can grasp and note this process easily. We hope this guide will help teachers to understand how students were using these hacks easily in their systems.

Blooket Cheat Updates Hacks & Cheats GitHub

These hacks are developed by GitHub user glixzzy, who maintain them with lots of effort, and thus none of the below codes belong to us. With that said, to hack Blooket using GitHub hacks & cheat codes, you need to go to use glixzzy’s link or use the codes and steps mentioned below:

Open the GitHub link for Blooket Cheat Updates

  • Click on Grup Slot Gacor the folder or mode you want
  • Here we will click on the “global” folder
  • Here you will find options for:
  • Add Tokens
  • Get All Blooks in Game
  • Get Every Answer Correct
  • Sell Dupe Blooks
  • Spam Open Boxes
  • Copy the attached codes
  • Login to your account and the game room
  • Open internet browser console
  • You can use Ctrl+Shift+J
  • Paste the required code into the console
  • Or you can clear your address bar
  • Then type in “javascript:”
  • Now paste the code, and press enter
  • You will get a pop up regarding the cheat
  • Click on “OK”

Now your hack is active for this session

How to Get Coins & Tokens in Blooket (Hack)?

Cheats GitHub Script

Blooket Cheat Updates, Find For Easy And Simple Here

(May crash on some people’s systems, due to security)



{$mode delphi}




{$IFDEF windows}


jwawindows, windows, newkernelhandler, Classes, SysUtils, dialogs, betterControls;


procedure EnableCheatEcoinSystem;


procedure decreaseCheatECoinCount; stdcall;

function getCheatECoinCount: integer;


function checkCoinStatus: integer;





{$IFDEF windows}

uses forms, frmMicrotransactionsUnit, ceregistry, luahandler, mainunit2;



_DecreaseCount: integer;

something: integer;

_GetCount: integer;

c2: pinteger;

c3: pinteger; //last decrease value


mainthreadhandle: THandle;

context: PCONTEXT;

contextmem: pointer;



actualcount: pinteger;


function antidebug1: integer; stdcall; //always returns 0xcececece





function antidebug2(x: dword): dword; stdcall; //jumps to antidebug3 when executed (so returns x+0x100)


if x>5 then

raise exception.create(‘It”s not that easy’)



Finally, thats all about Blooket cheat updates, don’t forget for update everyday and get that you need. We hope that tips above can make you more enjoy on game. Have a great day and good luck!