All about AS4 Mattress

Amerisleep is one of the online mattress veterans. For nearly a decade, Amerisleep has been building great colors, and since 2010, they’ve been sold online. Over the last ten years, some of the best quality foam, innovative material, and well-crafted mattresses have been developed on the market. The other models are in total. It has a pink yet supportive sensation and may function for the sleeper of any type – but probably the AS4 (previously known as the Colonial) is the most suitable for side sleeper people or people who prefer a pulse. Here, we have discussed everything that you need to know about the as4 mattress.


The AS4 is the second weakest in the Amerisleep line. The mattress consists of a three-layer all-moist construction with a height of 12 inches. The mattress feel is derived from the thick layer of comfort in memory, enabling the sleeper to sink into the mattress to relieve pressure.

AS4 Cover

The cover is of Polyester, Spandex for all mattresses in the Amerisleep line. The material is extending quickly and returns to the original shape quickly so that when you are changing positions on the bed, you don’t have to worry about the cover banding up. I should mention that some evidence exists to show that Celliant has certain muscle recovery advantages. I don’t have the expertise to go into the science behind these studies, but I recommend that you research the topic if that interests you.

As far as the cover’s sensation is concerned, I found it a little thick and soft. When I pounded into the top of the mattress, I could feel a specific airflow across the top of the cover, which shows that it can help cool down.


A 4-inch memory foam layer consists of the comfort layer of the AS4. This layer enables the sleeper to sink in to reduce pressure and provide the body contour’s classic moisture memory feeling. Amerisleep uses open structural memory foam to cool the mattress in all its beds, as memory foam can sometimes be known to trap too much heat. I should like to point out that Amerisleep uses plant-based materials in its memory foams to reduce oil use in construction.


Under comfort, the layer is called the Affinity layer by Amerisleep. It is made of a 1-inch polyfoam layer with an intricate design (eggshell). This design creates room for air to flow through the mattress for better temperature control and mattress cooling. This layer is slightly firmer and acts as a transition to the AS4’s comfort and foundation layers.


The base of the mattress is a high-density polymer skin of 7 inches. This layer is firmly built to form the bed’s bottom and supports the sleeper with deep compression. The base also gives its shape and durability to the structure overall.


The comfort layer is relatively thick and has a slow pressure response so that I can see my hand’s contour on top of the mattress when I removed it. I could sink further into the competitive layer when I applied more pressure and put both hands in the bed, but the thickness is so large that I didn’t interact with the firm base.